Who we are?

TeleSoft Online ventured into Information Technology to address its internal organizational needs. Being able to provide efficient and effective solutions to our internal needs we became confidant to provide fitting solutions for IT requirements worldwide.

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Through our pursuit for innovative technology and our uncompromising dedication to our clients, Telesoft Online promptly established itself as a leading pioneer of technology in the region, helping to foster the local integration of technology and oiling the wheels of economic growth. And as the years went by, we maintained our strong, flexible synergy. That has helped us to achieve a track record of consistent growth and expand the Group's international company/ solutions portfolio. Today, we've come a long way. The Group focuses on delivering a wide range of total solutions to a multitude of international sectors, including ERP, CRM, eSolutions and Networking solutions. Also in line with providing quality services Telesoft Online started with providing services to organisations which want to outsource their non core activities like Data Processing, Transaction Processing and Customer Contact centers.

3P's - Competitive Advantage

Why Choose Us?

TeleSoft Online is built around a firm foundation of core of values which represent who we are and what we do. These values inspirit our group to conduct themselves with the utmost honesty and integrity.

It is these values that govern our relationships with clients, governments, the general public, and each other to deliver consistent, superior solutions. Our pursuit of happiness and fulfillment in our endeavors. Our pursuit of excellence in our areas of focus, and our total respect for our individuality and that of our clients.

We not only design website but also build your business.

We view improvement as a journey that starts with the belief that every business has significant untapped opportunity.